Diamond Rings

Rings for the right hand are becoming more fashionable. These diamond rings were originally designed for women who didn’t want to wait for a man to propose to get her first diamond ring, or who had an engagement ring inherited from a female relative. For those already engaged or married, giving a diamond ring she can wear in addition to her bridal jewellery might be in a style that is more contemporary than her bridal jewellery.

An engagement ring may be a solitaire or a combined sapphire and diamond ring that continues to be popular. If she already has this ring, choose her favourite gemstone or birthstone to add some flair to her collection. She may like to have a floral design or a simple, square-cut stone in a bezel setting that will be a different style that she can show off. If you want her to have a piece of jewellery that can be worn at work or for a conservative event, it is better to choose a subtle style.